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written by Maree
Friday, 15 Jan 2021


Finger food – food that is eaten with your fingers with little mess and a lot of convenience. They are incredibly easy to serve and eat. No need for a spoon, fork, or knife – serviettes and maybe finger bowls are all you need. Finger foods are a popular choice for parties and receptions because they are simple to offer, and simple to eat while holding a glass or cup. There is something about the size and presentation that often delights guests. Guests can continue doing whatever they are doing and, at the same time, eat good food too!


1.          Convenient

People come to a party to hang out with friends, and sometimes you will want to keep things simple so you have plenty of time to join in. You may want to keep the food easy to serve without the need for a great deal of seating space or for lots of other supplies.


Offering finger foods means people can eat without having to interrupt their conversation. They are less likely to be distracted by trying to juggle plates, glasses and cutlery, or looking for somewhere to sit. If you are space limited – and have social distancing to maintain – finger food can be served in simple, easily accessed ways to keep things safe as well as simple.


From a host’s point of view, finger food prepared by a professional is either ready to serve or needs minimal heating to prepare which takes some of the work out of the party.

Seriously, eating doesn’t get more convenient than this!


2.          Delicious and highly palatable

Even if it is finger food, it has to be delicious and highly palatable. Caterers with finger food menus have a wide variety of items to choose from, so it is not boring or too similar either. A caterer will be able to suggest a range of foods from hot and crispy to cool and light.

They may have options that you may not have considered before so you can be just a little adventurous.  

3.          Cost-effective

Parties do not have to be expensive affairs. If you are running a shorter event such as networking, celebratory morning or afternoon teas, or opting for a cocktail event, there is no need to spend a lot on food. If you are working on a smaller budget, finger foods present a comparatively inexpensive catering option.


4.          Ideal for kids parties

Finger foods are fabulous for kids’ birthday parties – simple to handle, highly portable, the right size to appeal to younger eaters, and easy to clean up. Kids look forward to fun party food, parents want healthy food. Finger food from a caterer can combine the two worlds with fresh and healthy ingredients packaged in fun to eat morsels.



So, finger foods are a great choice for parties, for adults and children because they are simple, quick, convenient and fun.


Maree catering and baking Brisbane


Maree is the Baker-in-Chief at Busy Bake and has been creating high-quality, homestyle catering since 2003. Maree's delicious and fresh food saves you the time and stress of catering for your next event. Her tasty sweets and savouries are created from the finest ingredients, made from fresh produce and prepared with traditional home-style methods. Maree's second in charge is Spitz, her dog, followed closely by her husband.

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