How to find conference catering in Brisbane

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written by Maree
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2021

How to find conference catering in Brisbane

Finding catering for conferences or meetings in Brisbane can be a daunting task. If you have never used catering services before, finding the right catering company can be quite difficult as there are so many catering companies competing for your business.


When speaking to our customers, they always say that it is very difficult to find a good caterer – which it shouldn’t be – there is plenty of catering service providers all over Brisbane but I guess too many choices make the decision making process more challenging than it should have been.


Just about every catering website you visit will tell you how great their food is and tell you how they offer fresh food cooked just for your event however finding one which not only offers high quality culinary services but also has a cost effective catering price is difficult. Their catering services should provide catering for large meetings, catering to individuals, catering for seniors and catering to kids. In essence, catering service providers in Brisbane should be able to cater for just about everyone.


Finding a caterer for conferences

The best way of finding a catering service provider which offers high quality food at reasonable prices is by asking around your friends and family who they recommend – this is the best way to find high-quality catering at affordable rates. You could also talk with people in your social network or people you know through work or other activities who have used catering facilities before; asking them questions about caterers in their area will guide you towards the best possible catering price and quality.


A good tip for finding a dependable caterer that delivers great food and value for money is by reviewing catering service providers online. You could visit catering websites and read about their catering services, catering menu and catering prices; after you have found a few catering service providers with reasonable catering prices then compare each caterer’s meals per head pricing – this will give you an idea as to whether they are offering value for money or not.


Another tip on finding a dependable caterer which can offer quality food at affordable rates is reviewing their social media accounts. Caterers should be engaging in conversation through Facebook and Twitter with people who are looking for catering services and once you find some good reviews which mention great catering options at low prices then the chances of that catering facility being high quality increases significantly.


Once you have found a catering service provider with good reviews and affordable catering prices then it is time to negotiate your event catering service package; the best way to negotiate your event catering pricing is by speaking either over the phone or face to face with a high-level manager; they will be able to give you the best possible price. 


Another great way of finding high-quality catering service providers is by visiting catering services websites and looking through any recent customer testimonials – this will give you an idea as to whether or not a caterer is catering for individuals, catering for groups or catering for large events.


This information can help save you time searching around websites until you find one that offers catering options suited to your event needs.


In Australia catering for a conference or meeting can be very expensive considering the food being served. However, if you use catering facilities which have low catering prices then this will help reduce catering cost for your event significantly.


Catering for conferences and meetings can be quite a hectic experience because there are lots of people involved in making important decisions about catering in Brisbane; therefore using catering facilities which offer great value for money and menu choices that cater to everyone’s taste buds will give you peace of mind that the catering service providers understand what you want from them, how many people to feed, when the catering needs to be ready and how much budget is required – and they will deliver all of these services at reasonable catering prices.


At Busy Bake we display our best prices online. Our online ordering makes it easy to book and pay. We will contact you to confirm your order and prior to delivery. Of course, we provide custom catering services so you can always call us!


Maree catering and baking Brisbane


Maree is the Baker-in-Chief at Busy Bake and has been creating high-quality, homestyle catering since 2003. Maree's delicious and fresh food saves you the time and stress of catering for your next event. Her tasty sweets and savouries are created from the finest ingredients, made from fresh produce and prepared with traditional home-style methods. Maree's second in charge is Spitz, her dog, followed closely by her husband.

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