Five benefits of corporate catering

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written by Maree
Saturday, 10 Apr 2021

Professional catering is integral to any corporate event from training and workshops, to awards and promotional or networking events. It is one of the aspects that make an event stand out and stay in the memories of attendees – get it wrong and it will be the first things participants mention afterwards.


Here are five benefits of using a corporate catering service for your next event.


1.     Creating a great impression

Food is one of the first things that stand out in any event and corporate events are no exception. Regardless of how informative and entertaining the sessions or presentations are, the food can make it or break it. Offering healthy, tasty and well-presented food to your guests, helps build a good impression of your company. The service, taste and presentation will reflect well on your company’s reputation.


2.     Professional approach

Corporate catering providers are professional and experienced. They know what food will interest attendees and they can suggest the right menu based on the event style, attendees, venue and timeframe. They know how and when the food should be served to impress your guests and to make them feel comfortable. As they are skilled in all aspects of service, you know that the preparation, cooking, serving and clean-up will be professionally done. One less thing to monitor, which will give you confidence to take care of all the other aspects of your event.


3.     Safe and healthy food

A corporate catering service has the necessary food handling experience to keep you safe. They understand the hygiene standards required in the kitchen and for serving, reducing your risk of undercooked or contaminated food. Additionally, a good quality catering service will be able to work around a range of dietary requirements. They will be able to separate out food for anyone with specific food allergies or intolerances so that your attendees feel safe and considered. With a corporate catering service you can be confident with the quality of the food, the hygiene standard for preparation and service are met—leaving you to focus on other aspects of the event such as the presentation, hosting, and more.


4.     Flexibility and choice

A caterer will have a range of menus and is likely to offer options to vary your selections from three courses to finger food. Your caterer will be skilled in estimating the amount of food you need, and so easily able to scale up or down according to the number of guests. Provided you give them plenty of notice (check your agreement with them) the catering service will be able to make adjustments if you have a change in circumstances.


5.     Saving time and money

Hiring a catering company saves you time and money. Self-catering usually requires more people and more time. Unless you are skilled in estimating quantities you run the risk of over or under-catering. Experienced caterers avoid waste and keep your food safe. With them seeing to the preparation, serving (even if you do some of that in-house) and cleaning, your efforts can be directed elsewhere.


There are many advantages to hiring professional help for your next event: create a great impression, security of using a professional, safe food handling, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Be sure to choose one that understands your needs and will add value to your event.


Maree catering and baking Brisbane


Maree is the Baker-in-Chief at Busy Bake and has been creating high-quality, homestyle catering since 2003. Maree's delicious and fresh food saves you the time and stress of catering for your next event. Her tasty sweets and savouries are created from the finest ingredients, made from fresh produce and prepared with traditional home-style methods. Maree's second in charge is Spitz, her dog, followed closely by her husband.

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